There's so little to celebrate when you're a Detroit Lions fan, so you can't blame Michigan sports fans who are now suddenly in love with the Los Angeles Rams, thanks to Matthew Stafford who's leading the Rams to the Super Bowl.

But that doesn't stop John Kerfoot, the mastermind behind the 'Pure Michigan' parody ads that occasionally pop up on YouTube. Nothing is off-limits with these Tim Allen-esque spots that poke fun at Michiganians for doing things that are oh so Pure Michigan.

"For 12 years he suffered as a Lion," the spot about Matthew Stafford starts. "But fans always showed their love for number nine because they know Stafford gave Detroit his everything and the Lions organization gave him nothing - except $200 million."

the spot goes on to note that the Staffords' move to Los Angeles meant upgrading from a $6.5 million home in Michigan to a $20 million mansion in LA.

And Then Lions Fans Take a (Good Natured) Punch in the Gut

Kerfoot goes on to poke fun at Lions fans who are now rooting for the Rams, sometimes donning hybrid Lions/Rams football jerseys.

"...Because they know this is the closest Detroit will ever come to a Super Bowl," he says. "Matthew Stafford can smile, knowing his fan base will be cheering him on - like a bunch of pathetic losers."


Keep reading to see inside Stafford's $6.5 million Detroit home.

Inside Matthew Stafford's Home

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