What is arguably the most well-known coney island in Flint could be yours! The Angelo's on Davison and Franklin is up for sale.

Angelo's has had an interesting history in Flint. It has always been a local favorite and a great spot for coneys, burgers, late-night drunken breakfast smashing or whatever your soon-to-be-clotted arteries crave. The original location at Davison and Franklin on Flint's East Side opened in 1949 and there were several other locations throughout the Flint area over the years. Now that number has dwindled to just two -- there's also a Grand Blanc location -- the current owner of the mothership is ready to pass the torch onto the next generation.

An ad on Craigslist has the eatery, which comes with everything and the kitchen sink, listed for just over a half-mill. District Manager Neil Helmkay spoke with MLive in December about selling three restaurants, but this ad appears to be for the Flint location only.

Hopefully, someone decides to keep this place open. Not only is it a piece of Flint history, but that corner will look real empty with a closed Kroger AND a closed Angelo's. Don't panic though, it doesn't sound like it's a "sell or close" situation, but who knows?