As 'The Office' prepares to head into its final run of episodes, finally closing the door on Dunder-Mifflin after nine years, we've been expecting a flurry of guest stars to come out of the woodwork. Mind you, we figured most guests would belong to seasons past, particularly one Steve Carell, but a Basketball Hall of Famer is just as good! So what could bring Julius "Dr. J" Erving to 'The Office's' final season, and what might it mean for Jim Halpert?

Jim Halpert might he headed for an important meeting with the Dr., but don't raise the alarm just because we're in the show's final season. Entertainment Weekly reports that 'The Office' has cast a big name for its final season, even if it would take a sports fan like Jim Halpert to appreciate the significance. Famed  Philadelphia 76er and Basketball Hall of Famer Julius "Dr. J" Erving will appear in the show's final season, for an episode airing January 17.

In it, the famed Dr. will come to invest in Jim's new sports marketing business in Philadelphia, further solidifying the new venture that will likely take he and Pam out of Scranton, and away from Dunder-Mifflin for good. But as we've seen, is Pam so excited about uprooting her life like that?

The final season of 'The Office' will pick up on January 10 with "Lice," so check out another photo of Julius Erving's appearance and tell us if you're enjoying the 'Office' swan song in the comments!

The Office Season 9 Julius Dr J Erving
NBC / Entertainment Weekly

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