When you go to Ford Field for a Lions game you have plenty of options for an ice cold beer, but one surprising brand stands above the rest.

Maybe the most popular brand won't be that surprising to everyone, but it shocked me a little bit. Mainly because every time I think about getting a beer at a game in Detroit, Labatt's just seems like the logical choice. It's not even my favorite beer, but it was the staple of sporting events in Detroit for a long time. The other surprising thing about the most popular beer is that it is not one of the big names, it's a locally brewed Michigan favorite.

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According to a survey done by Untappd, the most popular beer at Ford Field is brewed in Lansing. M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale from the Old Nation Brewing Company was named most popular by the fans drinking at the game.

I stated earlier that I was surprised that a Michigan brew was named the most popular, and I need to clarify that a little bit. Michigan is the new beer capitol of the country, and we all know that the best beers anywhere come from right here in Michigan. That being said, you can't fall down in Ford Field without hitting a Bud or Miller Light stand. I know the survey is based on people saying what their favorite beer is, and not the most consumed, but you would figure people might just say the beer that they see the most.

The survey listed all of the favorite beers around the NFL, and you can see it here. When you go to a Lions game, what is the first beer you're grabbing?

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