The Game is doubling down on his Tomi Lahren comments from February after the polarizing political commentator replied to him with an Instagram post Wednesday morning (March 20). In his retort, Game says that Tomi Lahren used sex to get to the top.

"@tomilahren I had to post this picture of you “Mega Mind” because you limited comments on your post.... listen here semen chugger, as long as you have that forehead & that baby giraffe wee wee of a nose, you’ll never win !!!" Game writes in the caption for the now-deleted IG post, which includes a Lahren Image she shared on IG. "You’re a racist slut who sucked & swallowed her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame.

Game continues,"You are a closet racist & the exact opposite of the role model for young girls of any color so stop the “ I do this for the young girls who... “ Bitch shut the fuck up !!! You had 9 plastic surgeries because you hated yourself & after that when stripped of all make up, still look like a peeled orange & that’s what you think young girls should look up to & be motivated by ??? Because of this scary world we live where most celebrities walk on egg shells instead of voicing their opinions on foul shit, I caught ya cone head ass slippin & called you on your bullshit !!! It took you months to come up wit that lame ass response & you thought people would rally behind you... but nope ! You are no ones role model, hero, motivation nor have you changed anyone’s life so once again, here you are getting put in your mothafuckin place by someone who represents & defends the culture you secretly love but try to shit on in the public eye. WE are all REAL WOKE in 2019 & WE are not tolerating YOURS or anyone else’s bullshit.... so go find a bathroom mirror, strip down all that cheap make up & look at the REAL YOU whore & cry !!! & just know, no matter what you say or do in this lifetime... you can never UN-SWALLOW all the dicks you sucked on the way up. Oh’ & keep your mouth closed, I can smell the unborn babies from here !!!! P.S. put another quarter in, I’ll be here when you’re ready to play -THE GAME #HelicopterLaunchPadForeheadHavinAss #InstagramAndTheMassAgendaWillDeleteThisIn5432.... "

As we alluded to up top, Game originally called out Tomi for poking fun at 21 Savage's ICE arrest. In response to Game's post from last month, Tomi made a split image featuring the same unflattering photo of herself Game used to poke fun of her alongside a newer Tomi pic. In her caption, she calls out the West Coast rapper for trying to degrade her and preaches about how she does what she does for women that look up to her.

"I don’t do what I do for your approval or praise. I do it for the millions of young girls (on both sides of the political spectrum) who deserve to see a woman like me stand up for herself and not take shit from jerks like you," Tomi writes. "And ladies, I hope you see this and know that beauty isn’t about your hair, makeup, eyebrows, weight, or any of it. Beauty radiates when you have the confidence to stand up for and love yourself regardless of who tries to pull you down. So yeah Game, you can make fun of me and demean me but end of the day, you’re just a classless rapper who degrades women for attention. I win. Game over."

Tomi's response appears to have been prompted by The Game's appearance on the talk show, The Real Daytime, on Tuesday (March 19). On the show, Game explained some of his reasoning for his extremely controversial Tomi-directed IG post.

"I don’t know how many times this woman has degraded the hip-hop community and I’m the one who is going to stand up for hip-hop in general and get a lot of terrible backlash–some we deserve, some we don’t," Game said in part. "But it has to be spoken for and I’ll be that guy every time. … Some of the things she said were just outlandish and no one else was really just going there – and again, I’m always going to be that guy. …He’s free, for now, and hopefully it goes well for him and, you know, I think that’s something they need to let down – give him a chance to get his."

Check out The Game and Tomi Lahren's full Instagram exchange below. See Game speak on his initial Tomi callout after that.

@losangelesconfidential via Instagram
@losangelesconfidential via Instagram

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