The biggest shopping days of the year are upon us and here are the times you can fight for your deals.

Whether you love Black Friday or hate Black Friday, you can't deny the deals that are out there every year. Even though I will not go anywhere near the mall or anything on Miller Road for that whole week, there are still a bunch of great stores to get insane deals.

I typically stick to electronics during the Black Friday rush and this year will be no different. I have also seen a couple of leaked ads for this year. If those ads turn out to be true, the number one item on my list will be a PS4 bundle that I saw at GameStop. It looks like they will be selling one terabyte PS4's with the new Spider-Man game. I've never been a PlayStation guy, but that game looks awesome. I planned on getting a PS4 just for the game, now it looks like I can get it for a great deal.

Thankfully, the stores that I have been going to the last few years haven't been too crazy. With the evolution of Cyber Monday and stores opening at different times, it really has eased the stress of Black Friday. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn't have found me anywhere near a store.

So if you plan to brave the crowds and go searching for the deals, below you will find a list of store hours so you can plan your attack. Good luck with getting those deals!

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