'Ted' was one of the biggest hits of 2012, so it's not surprising that 'Ted 2' was given the green light instantly. Now, with the sequel already deep into filming, a major actor has joined Mark Wahlberg and co-writer/director Seth MacFarlane's living teddy bear: the one and only Morgan Freeman.

Although best known for his iconic voice and dramatic roles, Freeman has started to show a real sense of humor about himself in recent years, taking on roles that parody his austere image. If 'The LEGO Movie' was step one on whatever crazy path he's currently taking, then 'Ted 2' is the obvious second step. You've got to hand it to Freeman: not every Oscar-winning 77 year old actor would be willing to appear in a film that stars a foul-mouthed CGI bear. At least he's open minded.

The details of the role are currently under wraps, but Variety says that Freeman will be playing "...an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues." Yep, that sounds like it has great potential to be really offensive, which is a trademark of a MacFarlane production. The big question now is whether or not Freeman's role is substantial or more of a glorified cameo. After all, this movie is going to chock-full of A-list talent popping in for a scene or two. That is the MacFarlane way.

'Ted 2' is currently set to open on June 26, 2015.

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