Flint City Council

Flint EM Adjusts Salaries for Mayor, City Council
In a letter to Flint City Council, Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose re-established the salaries for the mayor and council members. Ambrose says the move is being made as the mayor and council take on more responsibilities as the city continues on its path toward transitioning back to local control...
Flint EM Asking for $7 Million Loan to Eliminate Deficit
Flint Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose is asking City Council to approve a $7 million loan request that would help the city eliminate its deficit and focus on building financial solvency.
According to a news release from the city, Ambrose is asking the city council to approve the request...
Flint City Council Begins Work on Budget
At their meeting on Monday night, the Flint City Council outlined priorities for the next city budget. This is the first time in nearly four years that the council will have a say on city spending.
According to NBC 25, the laying out of budget priorities is the city's first step in transitioning…

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