2012 presidential election

Pennsylvania Voting Machine Doesn’t Allow Obama Votes
Aaaaaaand the drama begins. This video footage was taken by a man trying to cast a vote for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania (an important swing state). We say "trying" because the machine doesn't make it particularly possible to actually vote for Obama -- every time the man tries…
2012 Election Day: Obama Wins Second Term
UPDATE 11:20: The networks have announced that Barack Obama will be reelected to a second term, after wrapping up the state of Ohio.
The 2012 presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will finally conclude tonight, as voters head to their local polls to choose who gets to sleep in th…
Romney Selects Ryan for V.P. Running Mate
Below is a statement released by the Romney & Ryan campaign:
Mitt Romney today announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Below is Congressman Ryan’s biography:
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsi…

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