Families with kids attending Swartz Creek Community Schools will have a choice when it comes to masks this fall.

In a recent letter to the families of Swartz Creek Community Schools, parents and students were notified that wearing masks this fall will be left to families to decide. With the school year fast approaching, many families were beginning to wonder want the fall would look like.

The first day of school for Swartz Creek Community Schools is August 30th, 2021. When school begins, Swartz Creek will not be requiring students to wear masks and are leaving the decision to wear one to the families. Masks however will be encouraged in certain cases.

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Along with masks not being made mandatory, the school will not be requiring testing of athletes this year per the MHSAA guidelines. When it comes to vaccinations, no, COVID-19 vaccines will not be required for the upcoming school year at Swartz Creek Community Schools.

COVID-19 cases are down dramatically since its high point last fall. On November 9, 2020, Michigan recorded its highest single day for case onsets with 7,560 confirmed COVID-19 cases across the State. On July 17, 2021, Michigan reported 129 confirmed case onsets across the State...per the letter.

Swartz Creek Community Schools also provided answers to a number of other frequently asked questions. Those questions included questions about cleaning, lunchroom organization, busses, absences, and more. To see all of the frequently asked questions, click here. 

I just hope that this school year looks and feels a lot more normal for the kids. Last year was hell on so many of them.

Source: Swartz Creek Community Schools 


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