You know the saying – “milk does a body good,” now research shows it does the same for the brain. Scientists at the University of Maine found drinking a glass of milk daily could have positive effects on your brain and it’s overall performance.

The study, published in the International Dairy Journal.1, showed that adults with higher intakes of milk and milk products scored higher on various brain function tests created by the researchers.

The experiment included more than 900 men and women aged 23 to 98. The participants were told to take a series of brain tests, such as verbal and working memory, as well as visual-spatial tests. Researchers then documented the subjects level of daily milk consumption.

It was learned that those who drank at least one glass of milk each day preformed better in a series of eight different measures of mental performance, regardless of age.

Results also showed that those who consumed the most milk, and milk products, compared to those with the lowest intake of milk, had better brain health, even though some of the frequent milk drinkers lived with other issues that could affect the brain like, cardiovascular health, or poor diet.

Researchers connect the nutrients in milk to better brain function, and believe these new results can be applied to thwart the possibility of mental decline.

According to the University of Main, more milk and brain function research is forthcoming, and in the meantime, simple adjustments in a persons drinking habits can be used to improve mental strength.

“Easily implemented lifestyle changes that individuals can make, present an opportunity to slow or prevent neuropsychological dysfunction.”, the authors said in a statement.