The post is going viral and is warning residents in Kalkaska to be on the look out for a strange man approaching children and attempting to kidnap them.

Northern Michigan parents are on high alert after a Facebook status posted on Saturday is warning everyone to watch for a stranger danger in a dark SUV.

The man walked into our driveway and thank you to God my 10 year old daughter heard the driver and she told her sister to get in the house. The 4 year old listened to her and the 10 year watched the guy turn around and walk down the street like he belonged there. My daughter came in the house told me a stranger was in our yard and that she heard "Go Get Those Kids" I came right outside and looked around, at first I didn't see anything then I saw this tall guy walking on the side of our property near our woods and a red vehicle pulled up and stopped he jumped in the car and they took off like a bat out of Hell out of our subdivision.

Although there is no description of the potential child predator, the post describes the vehicle as a dark red crossover vehicle with windows completely tinted. The status says the man attempted to approach the children in the woman's driveway with a tazer.

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