People aren't the only ones being vaccinated against COVID-19, some animals at the Detroit are also in line to get their shots as well.

The Detroit Zoo has started vaccinating certain animals that are believed to be most vulnerable to COVID-19. There haven't been any animal COVID cases yet at the Detroit Zoo but the virus has been detected in animals at other zoos around the country. In other countries, some animals have even died from the virus including a tiger and lion.

According to MLive, lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, and tigers are the first to receive doses of the vaccine which was developed exclusively for animals by veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis.

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Scott Carter, chief life sciences officer for the Detroit Zoological Society:

The animals routinely get other vaccinations. Many of the mammals are trained to present themselves to our animal care staff for minor medical procedures, including vaccinations. We’re both thankful and relieved a special vaccine is now available to protect against COVID-19

It really just boils down to being proactive and taking the necessary safety measures to prevent any of the animals from getting sick or dying. The zoo is taking other safety measures seriously as well including making sure the staff has personal protective equipment (PPE) and they have some social distancing rules and barriers in place.

I'm sure after reading this some people will have their jokes and comments but it's not uncommon for animals to receive vaccines in the first place.

Dr. Ann Duncan, director of animal health for the DZS:

Much like we vaccinate dogs for things like parvovirus, distemper or rabies, this is needed to protect animals at the Zoo.

Okay, now feel free to make your silly comments and jokes.

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