Schools, roads, Flint water -- You'd think those would be the topics of greatest concern for Michiganians watching Governor Gretchen Whitmer's State of the State Address.

No, not so much. Social media seems to care more about the governor's 'dress' than her 'address.'

Whitmer's choice of a blue dress rather than a business suit evoked comments from some.

"She's the governor of our state. Wear a business suit," one woman commented.

Others focused on the size of the governor's breasts, whether or not they are real, and the fit of her dress.

Some people paid compliments to the governor for attire, while others noted that it shouldn't be discussed at all.

"They should focus more on what she's talking about, not what she's wearing," one man said.

Dr. Annmarie Cano tells WJBK that female leaders endure much more scrutiny over their apparel than men.

"The blessing is that there’s many different options," Cano said. "From suits to dresses, at the same time, it means there is no particular uniform people are used to seeing when they see a woman leader like they see with a male leader. And so when there's something to critique, it's a way of diminishing women's accomplishments."

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