Over the past few years, SNL has often turned the opening monologue over to their guest host to let them to whatever the heck they want, especially since the default “We Have No Idea What To Do” tactic of having them break into song is officially getting old. Hosts like Amy Schumer and Louis C.K. use this as an opportunity to try out new stand-up material, but Matthew McConaughey took the chance to share an anecdote. There are no jokes here, just the Oscar-winning actor regaling the audience with the origin story of his infamous catchphrase, which originated in his first film appearance and has followed him ever since.

The catchphrase is, of course, “Alright, alright, alright” and that film is Richard Linklater’s 1993 classic, Dazed and Confused. With zero frills, McConaughey tells of how he stumbled into the film despite having no acting aspirations and how he managed to turn a tiny, three-line part into something iconic. Everyone likes to make fun of McConaughey for his frequently eccentric behavior (even SNL skewered those oddball Lincoln advertisements), but here is definitive proof that this guy could easily go on a stage for two hours, tell stories from his life, and keep an audience of millions totally rapt. This is an unusual SNL monologue, but more like this, please.

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