Maybe you didn’t realize how much you missed Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impression on SNL until the actor popped in for a surprise appearance during the cold open, delivering a State of the Union address on our current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls — which is essentially just Ferrell’s Dubbya roasting his fellow Republicans in an attempt to make an unprecedented bid for a third term as POTUS.

Here’s the thing: in addition to being an incredibly funny takedown of guys like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and — most importantly — Donald Trump, Ferrell doesn’t just remind us how much we missed his Dubbya; he reminds us that if any of these clowns are elected President, we’re going to be missing the real George W. Bush. In fact, we’ll probably be actively longing for the days of his oblivious lunacy. Ferrell’s return of the former President offers a disarmingly funny contrast of caricatures while also serving up a sobering realization: these GOP candidates are somehow more ridiculous than W. In fact, they make him look sort of reasonable.

Ferrell’s return was very funny, very welcome one, and it delivered one of the best, most clever cold opens in recent history. Hopefully he won’t take too long to pop back in for another visit.

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