In this age of political strife, when one poorly chosen sentence can derail a Thanksgiving dinner and transform a lovely family holiday meal into a vicious argument, there is one thing that unites us all: Adele. At least that’s the premise of this wonderful sketch from last night’s episode of SNL, which sees some typically heated family picking undone when the pop idol’s new single, “Hello” enters the equation.

The set-up is familiar to anyone who has ever had a Thanksgiving meal, which is the large majority of the American populace. A family (led by guest host Matthew McConaughey) has gathered together to feast and give thanks, but innocent conversation instantly gives way to volatile topics like ISIS, Syrian refugees, Black Lives Matter, and Ben Carson. But before everyone can tear their aunts and grandparents limb-for-limb, “Hello” comes on the stereo and everyone begins a group lip-sync that ultimately becomes its own Adele music video.

If there’s one thing that can help move extra copies of Adele’s excellent new album, it’s the suggestion that the first single can cure family disputes with zero effort. Then again, chances are strong that you already own the album, or “Hello” at the very least. What kind of monster doesn’t know that song by heart already? Just make sure you have access to it this week. It’s going to be a bumpy Thanksgiving.


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