Can I be the first one to yell it? BUMMER!!!!

Slide the City, an event that turns downtown areas into giant water slides, has canceled its Flint event just nine days before it was scheduled.

The event was supposed to turn Saginaw Street into a giant water slide, charging people anywhere from $25 to $40 to ride. However, the event took place in Ann Arbor on the 4th of July, and there were tons of complaints. Long lines, wait times of over 90 minutes, not enough water, etc. One person even needed medical attention for dehydration.

I was originally really excited that this event was coming to Flint, until I read the online comments about it. They line up exactly with what happened in Ann Arbor. City officials say that the cancellation may have been a "blessing in disguise."

Here's the original story that we posted back in March: //