Click here and sign the petition. Lets put an end to McDonald's making the silly choice to get rid of one of the greatest beverages of all time. Its time to Make McDonald's Great Again.

McDonald's made the shocking announcement on Thursday that they will be discontinuing the classic Orange Hi-C from all of its fast food locations starting May 1st.

One of the most popular drinks in McDonald's history is being phased out according to a rep who stated due to their partnership with Coca-Cola the iconic drink will be replaced with Sprite Tropic Berry. Orange Hi-C will start being discontinued starting May 1st at all 36,899 locations unless we do something about it NOW.

Normally what McDonald's decides to do doesn't concern me, but this has to be stopped. Replacing Orange Hi-C? Seriously?! I can't even being to tell you how many times Orange Hi-C has brought joy to my life! Three main ingredients (water, sugar, and orange) have helped me quench my thirst more than any other beverage on planet Earth! Orange Hi-C is a part of my childhood and I'll be dammed if it gets replaced with pop that has nowhere near the nutritional value that Orange Hi-C has.

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