Kyle Kuzma started the season as one of the key points for the Lakers, but things did not go as planned for the Flint native.

Kuzma was poised to become the third star for the Lakers behind Lebron and AD, but this season was a struggle for everyone. Kuzma could not escape the struggle this season as he tried to find his place on the team. By the end of the season Kuzma had gone from a solid starter to fighting for minutes. It's definitely not the way Kuzma or the Lakers had planned on the season going, and now there are plenty of trade rumors surrounding Kuzma.

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Shannon Sharpe weighed in on who the Lakers should trade during an episode of Undisputed, and believe me when I say that Sharpe does not hold back.

Sharpe starts by saying that he's just playing, but he's just saying. It's becomes pretty clear during his rant though that Sharpe really, really, REALLY, thinks the Lakers need to trade Kuzma.

Here are the things Sharpe would trade Kyle Kuzma for.

  • Keyshia Cole's Number
  • J Cole
  • Jellybeans
  • A Nat King Cole Album
  • Cole Haan Shoes

You can watch the shortened version of what Sharpe would trade here.

So what started all of this back and forth with Sharpe and Kuzma?

attachment-Kuz Soon

The trade rumors have been following Kuzma for a long time now, but things heated up after he posted a comment on Instagram.

Click on the picture to follow the entire thread, but the short story is that the IG account was highlighting Kuzma and he replied, "Soooooon". Most people took this as a sign that Kuzma has accepted the fact that he will be traded, and that he plans on a comeback season next year.

There's nothing wrong with that, but Lakers fans took the opportunity to take a few jabs at Kuzma.

So what will happen to Kuzma during this offseason? Honestly, nobody really knows, but the smart money is on him being traded. It's obvious that his time in LA is coming to a close, and I just hope he lands in a good situation.

Not only is Kuz a great player, he's an even better guy. He has taken every opportunity to give back to Flint and Genesee County while in the NBA. In the right situation, he can become the player everyone thought he would grow in to, and I can't wait to see it happen.


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