A man who was caught on camera taking a leak on the snack rack at a gas station in Detroit will soon be under arrest, thanks to members of the public who helped identify him to police.

The Whole Thing Was Caught on Camera

The guy practically posed for the surveillance camera inside an Amoco gas station on Detroit's east side as he relieved himself on the goodies inside the store. In the video below from Detroit's WJBK-TV, you'll see the man in the multi-colored hoodie soiling the snacks, reportedly upset that his debit card had been declined.

After relieving himself, the suspect and his buddies helped themselves to some snacks from the store - including some of the wet ones! (This really goes beyond stupid, doesn't it?)

As a final farewell, the suspect drops his pants and shows the store clerk a 'full moon' as he gets into the car.

Identified by the Public

The store's security cameras are provided and monitored by Project Green Light Detroit, which partners with Detroit police. A $750 reward was offered for information on the suspects after the clip was featured on DetroitRewards.TV, a website that frequently posts pictures and videos in an effort to catch people committing crimes in Metro Detroit.

Tips started rolling in, and police have been able to identify the suspects. Deputy Chief Eric Ewing of the Detroit Police Department weighed in.

"If he thinks this is a joke we will be seeing him pretty soon," Ewing said.

Ewing tells the station the man could face charges for malicious destruction of property, retail fraud, and urinating in public.

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