Is it just me, or does this make anybody else want to be a park ranger?

The staff at Michigan's upper peninsula gem, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, have started producing an educational series of videos for kids, and we're not gonna lie - we're entertained, too.

Since COVID-19 has canceled everything this year, organizations have been trying to figure out how too adapt to the changing landscape of no person-to-person interaction. In response to the cancellation of their educational programming, such as rangers going to local schools, the National Park Service has come up with their new video series called "Park Ranger Playtime."

The videos include themes such as “Investigating Trees" and "World of Sounds." They also feature crafts and activities that parents can do alongside their kids.

Pictured Rocks averages almost a half-million visitors every year. In fact, this year, tourism in the area is up by 7% - by the end of July, 470,000 people had visited the scenic upper peninsula destination...and the summer isn't even over yet.

Experts are (obviously) pointing this out as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns earlier this year.

AJ and our son went too Pictured Rocks in the first week of August; it was their "socially-distant" hiking vacation and they said that the prime tourist spots were absolutely packed.

If you can't make it up north this summer, this video series is a great way to get involved while supporting all the beauty that Michigan has to offer!

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