And yes, it was just recently for sale. Ya missed it.

I think I may have missed my calling in life because real estate fascinates me. The fact that so many people can make memories in the same living space and then just hand it off to somebody else is super interesting and I love finding weird, unique places for sale.

A few months back, I found this gem for sale here in Burton. Outdoor, above-ground pools are a dime a dozen here in the mitten state; we have one, too. And it sucks because you can only use it for a few months out of the year.

That is, unless, it' INDOOR POOL.

Yes indeed - there's a house that just sold in Burton that has an indoor pool. And an indoor waterslide, too.


Yep. And we just missed it - it was for sale earlier this year.


Surprisingly, it wasn't completely unaffordable. In your head, you're thinking, "That place has got to cost an arm and a leg."

Nope - it was listed for $310,000 and sold for $300,000.


Here are some of the pictures from the realtor, Ryan Eashooo of REMAX Edge. Want to see more? Click HERE for the full listing. The next step is to find out who bought it and ask them if we can come swimming.

A House in Burton Has an Indoor Pool & Waterslide

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