Senator Tim Scott, Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Ms. Star Parker, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Mr. Frederick Douglas, Ms. Deneen Borelli, Senator Ted Cruz, Professor Walter E. Williams, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Col. Alan West. Aside from their obvious noteworthy accomplishments, what else is commonly shared by these great Americans? If you guessed vicious verbal attacks by their political enemies, you go to the head of the class. Let’s explore who is responsible for the attacks and why.

While verbal debate is nothing new in the political arena, the topics of debate is usually limited to the issues of the day. In this case however, the pertinence of the issues, have taken a back seat to personal assaults as to the character of the individual. Specifically, making racial attacks has become the new weapon of choice used by some in the attempt to gain a political advantage. These attacks while racial and racist in nature, ironically are made by the same groups which were formed in order to end racial discrimination. Organizations such as The NAACP, The National Action Network, and The Southern Poverty Law Center consistently assert that any ‘minority person or group’ which, does not subscribe to their beliefs and ideology in matters of politics are somehow mentally deficient should a political choice be made contrary to theirs.

The most recent example was when Rev. William Barber, director of The NAACP North Carolina chapter, stated that Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) “is a mouthpiece for the Tea Party”, and is nothing more than “a ventriloquist’s dummy”. The charge was leveled because the senator happens to believe fiscal responsibility by the government is necessary, and The United States constitution should be followed by elected officials. Those charges are mild when compared to other statements made in the past. This type of invective is not limited to these groups, but is expected to be ‘parroted’ by ‘black leaders’ as well as the flock being led. If the stated purpose of a civil rights organization is to end this type of behavior and mindset, and if it occurs at their behest, or if they participate in the behavior, at the very least we must attach the label of hypocrisy to them.

Being called a ‘sellout, race traitor, Uncle Tom or just plain stupid is commonly applied to any minority not willing to hold the company line – that is - to portray oneself as a victim of white oppression in America. After all it was Vice-president Biden who so eloquently stated that a Romney victory would “put ya’ll back in chains,” and the same aforementioned groups offered thunderous applause and approval of those remarks. Because the policies of the progressive left cannot win at the ballot box, these groups must resort to divisive name-calling in order to maintain a loyal voting base. The truth is however, it is their policies which bind and constrict minorities, and if left in place, the majority. Using intimidation as the ammunition, their goal is to intimidate opposition into silence, and gain control over free and thinking citizens. The most effective deterrent to this onslaught is to refuse to be silenced when truth is evident. Unabashed common sense is what constitutional government is, therefore the verbal attack can be shielded by asking the attacker, “Who is pulling YOUR strings?”