McDonald's is bringing back their highly sought after Szechuan Sauce for one day only and only one location in the Flint area will have it.

'Rick and Morty' has singlehandedly turned the limited edition sauce McDonald's carried in 1998 as part of their 'Mulan' promotion into the stuff of legends (see below). I'll be honest with you  -- I've never had the sauce and I'm probably the only guy who hasn't started watching 'Rick and Morty' yet. It is on my shortlist, but it's not available on any of the platforms I currently have.

Even without having a watched a single second of the beloved show, aside from the clip above that I literally just watched  -- I understand that the Mcnugg sauce struggle is real. I went through a similar ordeal a few years ago when they briefly discontinued Hot Mustard. I found the only McDonald's that still had it, and stocked up as much as I could (which wasn't much) until they were out. At least I had that option, fans of Szechuan Sauce, or even those curious about it because of 'Rick and Morty' have pretty much been S.O.L since Disney's 'Mulan' left theaters in 1998... until now!

McDonald's is featuring some new nugg sauces on Saturday, October 7th (my birthday, btw) to promote their new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, and are even sending the legendary Szechuan Sauce to certain locations. According to their handy sauce finder tool, only one Flint-area location will have the legendary Szechuan Sauce -- 1831 S Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48504. That's right, the Mcdonald's on Dort (near Lapeer Rd.) will have Szechuan Sauce for one-day only. Yes, we mean this McDonald's:

Szechuan Sauce
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Whether you go get yourself some Szechuan Sauce or regret not trying it for the next 19 years is up to you. They'll also have something called "Signature Sauce," as well as Honey Mustard, the already-available-but-still-new Sriracha Mac (which is dope af), Tangy BBQ, and Spicy Buffalo for you to try if you want, but you know what I want...

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