Michigan is the only state in the nation has a law protecting police officers from prosecution if they have sex with a prostitute during an investigation.

Of course this law probably isn't going to last now that the shocking exception has hit the attention of the media, but considering it even was a law to begin with is absurd.

Rep. Gary Glenn is currently drafting a bill that will get rid of this law.

“The reason the law is structured the way it is is because of the way the prostitution laws are written. So for law enforcement to have any power to investigate with immunity, they got all the power. And no one thought to go back and carve out a prohibition against sexual intercourse.”  Bridgette Carr - Director of the Human Trafficking Clinic -  University of Michigan Law School

Carr does believe however that the law wasn't created with bad intentions.

Lets hope that this law is abolished soon. Although I honestly do believe 99.9% of police officers are good law abiding citizens that just want to protect and serve, it only takes one to use this law for their advantage and get away with what would be a crime from citizens that are not cops.

Source: MichiganRadio.org

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