Full disclosure - I did not know there were 'alternate uniforms' in football. Is that the case for all sports? Yeah, I am that person. Wah Wah.

Either way, Michigan State University has released pics of the teams alternate uniform for 2019. Not everyone loves the new neon green color, inducing the newscaster in the video above. As you can imagine, countless people are sharing their thoughts and opinions via social media.

I am not loyal to Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, or any college team for that matter. That is not to say that I don't like football, I just don't have a favorite team (don't hate me for that). Maybe that is why I don't see why uniform color and or colors, is that big of a deal.

Does the color really matter? What am I missing? Does this matter to you? At least it is some form of green, right?



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