With us living in Michigan, we, of course, will have no shortage of snow this year. To help with safety, the Genesee County Road Commission has added new green lights to snow plows.

If you are out driving around in the snow this year, be on the lookout for green lights. The Genesee County Road Commission has added new LED lights to all of their wing plows. The new nights are four feet tall and are attached to the wings of the snow plows, which are located on the sides of the plow vehicles.

Here are a few things to remember if you see these lights. The wing plows are plowing two lanes worth of traffic, so make sure to keep your distance. Also, keep in mind that the maximum speed the plows will be cruising down the road is 25 miles per hour. So bottom line, for your safety and theirs, do not try to pass them on the right side.

Source: GCRC

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