How much nicer could your summer be with an extra bit of unexpected cash? Click through for the details!

The "Hidden Crash Craze" has been reported in major cities across Europe and more frequently as of late, in the United States.

The game, started by an extremely California philanthropist, is very much like a treasure hunt. Clues are shared on their Twitter account and then crowds of people hoping to find one of those envelopes stuffed with money are encouraged to search in a well known location in or close to a randomly selected city. People who find a winning envelope are just asked to share a selfie, with their winnings, on the game's Twitter account.

Hit the video below to listen to one lucky winner's story.

According to a very reputable Twitter page and reports on WNEM and their Facebook page, the "Hidden Cash Craze" game will pay a visit to our fair city to visit this coming Friday, June 27th.

It has just been confirmed on the game's Twitter account and on wnem.comthat the rumors are correct and mid-Michigan residents will have an opportunity to grab some of that cash stuffed in a plain white envelopes. The first clue as to the exact location of the Hidden Cash Craze will be revealed on their Twitter account tomorrow at 6:00am.

Officials do want to remind the public that safety should always be top of mind, winners of this game will never be asked to collect their winnings alone in a secluded location, and every single dime that's shared with winners is privately funded. The game does not, and will not solicit for cash donations, gift cards of any kind or any other items that could be potential prizes.

Please check back for more details as this story develops. You can also CLICK HERE for their Twitter page.

Best of luck to everyone! If ever a city needed an influx of some extra dollars, it's Flint!

What would you buy or do if were lucky enough to find one of those winning envelopes full of cold, hard currency?

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