Late Wednesday night, Michigan State Police saved a man with autism that had fallen through the ice of a pond in Oakland County.

The incident happened in Groveland Township which is in northern Oakland County.

Apparently, a man with autism managed to sneak away from a group home. As soon as staff members realized he was gone, they called police who started searching for the man immediately.

According to WXYZ, about two hours into their search, troopers were notified that someone had fallen through the ice about 4.5 miles from the group home. When they arrived they could hear the man screaming for help. Thankfully, the water was only up to his chest but the man was still suffering from hypothermia.

One of the troopers also fell through the ice while trying to recue the man, while another made it across the ice safely to the man.

He was pulled from the icy pond and was taken to a hospital. He and the trooper that also fell through the ice are expected to be just fine.

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This is hands down my biggest fear. My entire life I've had a fear of falling through the ice and being trapped. This is why you won't find me on ice of any kind. Well, I'm willing to step on the ice in a hockey arena, but that's as far as I'll take it. I get anxiety just thinking about it.

Thankfully this man was able to walk away from this scary ordeal.

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