The Board of Trustees at Mott Community College has picked their top candidate to succeed outgoing president Richard Shaink. According to MLive, Beverly Walker-Griffea who is senior vice president for Student Services at Montogomery College in Maryland has been ranked frontrunner. The next step will be for Mott officials to visit Montgomery College and speak with management, students and faculty there. If they still like Walker-Griffea after the visit, the board of trustees authorized Mott officials to go forward with contract negotiations with the goal of having a new president in place by August 1.

After a search process that began earlier in the year when Shaink announced he would be retiring after 14 years, the board of trustees began hosting workshops to identify search criteria and form a profile of what was wanted in the next president. Initially there were 28 candidates that fit the criteria before being narrowed to eight and then four. The final four candidates were brought back for another round of interviews during the week of June 9.