If you've noticed an increase in the mosquito population here in Michigan, it's not just your imagination. An abundance of rain has fallen on our state, and as a result, the mosquito population is exploding.

And it's not just the sheer number of mosquitoes that has experts sounding the alarm.

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Experts say Asian Tiger Mosquitoes have somehow migrated to the Great Lakes State and they can pose a serious health risk to both people and pets. According to Dr. Emily Dihn, the Medical Entomologist for the state of Michigan, many diseases can be spread by these pests.

"It is able to transmit Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), yellow fever, dog heartworm, and a variety of others," Dihn said.

Dr. Ned Walker with Michigan State University agrees.

"We have West Nile Virus in Michigan, that invaded in the early 2000s into Michigan and that has stayed. We also have Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and then of course mosquitoes carry the parasite that causes dog heartworm," Walker tells WDIV-TV. "Mosquitos are involved in a variety of different disease systems."

Walker says it's important to use bug repellent that contains Deet. Dihn also recommends wearing long pants and shirts with long sleeves, especially during dawn and dusk hours. She also recommends dumping water containers around the outside of your home and cleaning gutters often because standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Do what you can to protect your family and pets from these disease-carrying pests.

Check out the video from WDIV below.

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