I don't know if you have ever lost money, if not - consider yourself lucky.

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Let me back up. I am not talking about losing money at a casino or any type of gambling for that matter. When I ask if you have ever lost money, I mean as in you had money in your pocket, purse, wallet or wherever - and then it wasn't. From there you retrace your steps and check your pockets, purse, or wallet over and over again. Ugh - the worst.

There are two outcomes to this scenario, you eventually find it or it is gone forever. More often than not it's the latter. That is why a recent post on the Lapeer News and Discussion Facebook page caught my eye. A local woman who found money in a parking lot is trying to find out who lost it. How awesome is that?

On Tuesday, May 10th, Natalie Slocum Farnsworth found a bank envelope with money inside of it, in the Lapeer Big Lots/Goodwill/Planet Fitness Plaza on West Genesee Street. As you will see in the post below, Natalie did not share the amount or from which bank the transaction was made. Unfortunately, there was no receipt in the envelope so the bank could not trace the transaction.

Natalie did also check with the businesses in the plaza on the day she found the money, but no one had inquired about the missing money. That is why Natalie shared the following post,

Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook
Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook

I reached out to Natalie again today, and as of May 12th at 5:05 PM, no one has claimed the cash. Just to be clear, I do not know the exact amount, but from what I understand it is a very specific amount. If this money is yours, I hope you see this post.

Shout out to Natalie Slocum Farnsworth for doing the right thing and attempting to track down the person who lost this money, you rock.

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