Michigan residents are being warned by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to be on the look out for Pepsi bottles that may contain metal flecks.

According to a new release consumers need to watch out for metal flecks in certain 16.9 ounce bottles of Pepsi that were sold earlier this year in Michigan. The small flecks can range in size from .1 to .3 millimeters according to laboratory analysis. The issue of metal in the pop was investigated after consumer complaints.

PepsiCo has stated this is not a safety issue, but says it has received 18 total complaints from consumers about the issue. PepsiCo has removed their product from nearly 200 stores but says it is possible that the products may have been purchased before the withdraw date.

PepsiCo is warning customers to look on the back of the bottles for codes HC022373 and HC022473. Products containing these codes should be returned to the store. Customers with any questions can call, 866-433-2652.

Source: MLive.com

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