Last week, 30-year-old Michael Porter of Mt. Morris was arrested for child abuse after police discovered that he had been torturing his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son using the controversial waterboard technique.

For those of you who are not privy to the ways of waterboarding – it is a practice in which a person is positioned upside down with a piece of cloth over their head. Then, someone slowly pours water over their face. It is said to simulate drowning, and most people who have experienced this torture have said they would likely confess to anything if they knew it was going to happen to them for hours on end.

In this particular case, a teacher noticed the kid acting strangely in class and inquired into what may have been bothering him. The boy said that his mom’s boyfriend had been bounding his hands with a belt, placing underwear over his head, and pouring water over his face.

Of course, the police were called, which led to the discovery of several methods of torture being used in the home. The boy and his older brother, who was threatened by Porter with a knife, have since been placed in foster care.

Porter is currently facing 8 felony charges and a woman arrested in connection with the case and is facing three felony charges.