Hard to believe temperatures are expected to be in the 70s this weekend after many of us saw a late April snowstorm on Monday (4/18) that blanketed much of Michigan with white.

But one Michigan family turned lemons into lemonade (or snowflakes into video views) by posting a reenactment of a scene from the Disney movie 'Frozen' (with a few Michigan adaptations) on Tik Tok. The video has since gone viral, having been seen nearly six million times as of this writing.

Who Are the Willinks?

Josh Willink and his daughters Remy and Jade performed the scene from the film where Elsa causes a huge snowstorm. Josh and Remy acted out the parts of Elsa and Anna. Remy was just 4 years old when the family from Holland, Michigan created the video in 2019. Younger sister Jade (who was just a year old at the time) played the part of Olaf the snowman.

Three years after they recorded the video in the family's front yard, Josh and his wife Carrie were prompted to post the video on Tik Tok, as the family observed Michigan's late-April snowshower on Monday.

“We were getting random snowfall, and it just started to feel like an eternal winter,” Josh Willink tells Mlive. “Living in Michigan, you feel like winter is never going to end.”

Willink adds that Remy has always been a big fan of 'Frozen' and says the family enjoys posting wholesome content to their Tik Tok page that they think may inspire people and bring joy to others.

@thirdcoasttribe Wait until the end to see if Sven can help us out. #eternalwinter #frozen #puremichigan #girldad ♬ original sound - ThirdCoastTribe

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