A woman is suing Michael Jordan -- claiming he’s the father of her 16-year-old son and wants a paternity test to cement her claim.

Pamela Smith, who filed the suit in February in Georgia, says she had a fling with Jordan in 1995 – when he was still married -- and gave birth to a boy named Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, who goes by the much-shorter Taj, in June 1996. Taj even went so far as to make a video in December, in which he states that Jordan is his dad.

Smith is looking for full custody and Jordan to fork over child support and medical expenses. It’s unclear why she waited so long to go public with her claims.

Complicating matters for Jordan is the fact he is engaged and scheduled to marry Yvette Prieto next month, which just goes to prove that no matter how many MVP awards you win, no matter how many endorsements you land, no matter how much money you make, you may still be a perfect guest for ‘Maury.’

It seems like Michael Jordan may have been even better getting to the hole than people realize.

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