The case against Dr. Conrad Murray for allegedly causing the death of Michael Jackson continues to unearth more disturbing details. As if it couldn’t be any harder for the Jackson family, it was recently revealed that the King of Pop’s children Prince and Paris actually witnessed their father’s death.

Jackson’s bodyguard Faheem Muhammad took the stand on Wednesday, saying he got to the scene as Prince and Paris watched Dr. Murray attempt resuscitation. “Paris was on the ground, balled up and crying,” said Muhammad. “Prince had a really shocked, just slowly crying kind of look.” To prevent the kids from being further traumatized, he escorted them, along with their nanny, to “a more secure location.”

Muhammad proceeded to describe how Jackson’s eyes and mouth remained open during Dr. Murray’s futile attempts to revive him. “He appeared to be administering CPR,” said Muhammad. “He appeared very nervous. He was sweaty.”

The trial continues in Los Angeles today.

[PopCrush via People]

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