There is no doubt that men and women do not not always see eye to eye, but now there is a new study that literally suggests that males and females see things in a different way.

According to researchers from the University of Southern California, men and women are distracted by different elements of their surroundings and typically focus their attention differently.

The study consisted of researchers reviewing a series of videos of 34 people undergoing an interview process and monitoring the eye movement of the subject when faced with background distractions such as people, bicycles and pedestrians passing them on the street.

What they found was that while men have a tendency to focus their attention on a person’s mouth during a conversation, women direct their point of focus to a person’s eyes.

Researchers say that both men and women are distracted by idiosyncrasies taking place in the background, but where as women are more distracted by things like someone riding a bicycle behind them, men do not find it a distraction until the bicyclist crashes and burns directly behind them.

Lead researcher Dr. Laurent Itti says that the discoveries of their study “can be attributed to a male preference for motion and a female preference for areas that may contain nonverbal information about the speaker.”

The USC’s attention study is believed to challenge previous scientific data, because researchers say they have found a distinct difference in the way that men and women focus on people and objects.

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