Meijer has issued a voluntary recall on Meijer brand Greek and low-fat yogurt. The recall comes after a customer returned a container with two pieces of glass inside. According to the recall, there have been no illnesses or injuries related to the yogurt.

The yogurt varieties included in this recall are

  • Meijer Greek 0% Black Cherry 5.3oz
  • Meijer Low-Fat Blueberry 6oz
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Plain 5.3oz
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Vanilla 5.3oz
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Strawberry 5.3oz
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Blueberry 5.3oz

If you have purchased one of these products you should throw it away, or return it to Meijer immediately.

Click here to see the full recall posting from the FDA