If you ever have a secret you’re dying to spill but you want it to stay safe, we suggest telling Kathleen Crewe. She can probably be trusted with it — after all, she won a $7 million lottery and kept it to herself for days.

The 57-year-old Massachusetts woman won the state lottery on New Year’s Day and, instead of shouting it from the rooftops as many of us would do, she kept mum, hiding the winning ticket inside a thermos tucked into a fire-proof bag over the holiday weekend.

The only person who knew she was now fabulously wealthy was her sister. Even her adult children were none the wiser until shortly before she went public about it last Tuesday, telling lottery officials, “[This] has been the longest two days of my life.”

Crewe isn’t a regular lottery player, but bought this one because “sales were low and the odds were good.” After state and federal taxes, she’ll wind up with just under $5 million, some of which will go toward fixing up her mom’s house.

And even though she won’t need the paycheck anymore, she says she’ll keep her job as a controller at the local supermarket where she’s worked for 17 years. Maybe she feels she owes them — the store is where she bought that golden ticket.

[via The Stir]