Donald Trump’s rallies are supposed to uplift America but lately they have become divisive and violent. On Saturday (March 13), at the Republican presidential candidate’s Ohio rally, a man wearing a Dreamville T-shirt gets kicked out for rushing the stage.

In the video, you can see a man, now identified as Thomas Dimassimo, jumping over the barricades and running up to the stage. But before he could do it, he was viciously tackled by Secret Service and police. The GOP front-runner looked a little shook but brushed it off once security handled the situation.

Dimassimo was promptly escorted out of the rally amid boos and hateful words from the angry crowd. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the young man was charged with assault and released.

Afterward, the J. Cole fan went on Twitter to explain why he wanted to disrupt Trump’s Ohio rally.

“YALL STOP ACTING LIKE DONALD AINT FLINCH AND GET SHOOK,” he tweeted. He then told a follower that all he was trying to do was grab the mic and speak his peace. He then reiterated that he was not trying to attack Trump.

When someone asked him if Metro Boomin sent him, he jokingly replied, “If he did its because there was a serious issue of trust.”

Dimassimo also added that during the arrest, police ripped his Dreamville T-shirt, which he bought at Cole's Atlanta show. Considering the circumstances, he was lucky that no fan intervened and sucker punched him.

Overall, Dimassimo was uninjured during the scuffle and had some final words for Trump. "F--- you bitch," he tweeted. Check out his tweets below.

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