This news ought to do little to renew your faith in airport security systems. On Tuesday, a man boarded a plane in San Diego without a ticket.

Even worse, he was just released from jail a day earlier.

Flight attendants on flight 6323, headed for Los Angeles, noticed an extra passenger during the head count. The “extra cargo” was later identified as Marc Rory Duncan, a scruffy parolee who was apparently looking for a free ride home to Alaska.

Duncan, 38, managed to make his way onto the tarmac via a magnetic emergency door. He set off the alarm, but moved quickly to board the plane. According to a witness, he handed his burlap duffel bag to the flight attendant, claiming he needed to use the bathroom. He then took a seat.

Shortly thereafter, the attendant realized there was one too many passengers aboard the plane, quickly pinpointing Duncan as the possible extra passenger, due to his disheveled and suspicious look. While his bag contained only wet clothes, the sheer idea that he got on the aircraft in relatively simple fashion is troubling, begging the question: what if he had nefarious motives? Or a bomb, which other passengers mused about after the incident?

Passengers were forced to deplane, while dogs were brought on board to sniff out explosives. Duncan was peacefully removed, arrested and whisked to jail. A secondary security screening was conducted before takeoff.

[NBC San Diego]

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