You would think that with the iconic Detroit Tigers hat, that Magnum P.I. would be the guest of honor at Comerica Park, but that was not the case.

A Magnum P.I. themed bachelor party tried to go to the Tigers game on Saturday, but things did not g as planned.  According to the News Herald, about 45 guys dressed up as Magnum P.I. for a bachelor party.

Everyone was having a good time, when ushers at Comerica Park started to round up the Magnums and ask for their tickets. According to one of the party members, one of the Magnums was smoking in a restricted area, and another couple of Magnums were cat-calling to women.

While I feel like this is exactly how the real Magnum P.I. would have acted, Comerica officials were not amused. The big argument is that only those Magnums that were violating the rules should have been forced to leave, but who can tell them apart?! I mean, they all look pretty much identical.

If this were a normal Magnum P.I. episode, Rick would have punched one of the ushers in the face while TC loaded up all of the Magnum's on to his helicopter for a smooth getaway.


And just for the record, one of the Magnums may have been a cardboard cut out, so he probably didn't even have a ticket to the game anyway.


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