Mackinac Island has earned the title of America's most tormented/haunted small town.

The Halloween season is in full swing and I just found out that Michigan is home to one of the most haunted spots in America. If you tabulate all of the haunted buildings and sites across the United States of America, Mackinac Island emerges as America's Most Tormented Small Town. This is according to a recent survey from 

To achieve this distinguished title, Mackinac Island boasts around 16 haunted locations per 478 people. Coming in second on the list is Cape May, New Jersey, and Salem, MI (which I thought would've been higher) is 10th on the list. The other most tormented small towns in America include Gettysburg, St. Augustine, Johnstown, Williamsburg, Perry County in Kentucky, Hollywood, and Spartansburg, South Carolina.

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Michigan in general ranks fourth on the list for the highest number of haunted sites in America. With over 11,000 haunted locations across the United States, Michigan is home to 510 of them. The state with the most haunted locations is California, with 1,029. California is followed by Texas with 674 haunted sites and Pennsylvania with 628 haunted sites.

According to other statistics about the haunted sites around the nation, around 28% of them are said to be the spirits of men and women, 49% are unknown spirits, and 8% are children.

While I'm not a big believer in "ghosts" or things that are haunted, I do find it all super interesting. I would definitely take tours of some of these places just to check it out as a skeptic. Who knows where it would go from there.

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