With Brenda off today, we were joined by two guests from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Patrick Wright and Russ Harding. See what we talked about on the show below:

Patrick Wright is a Senior Legal Analyst for the policy think tank located in Midland, Michigan.   On behalf of three independent day care providers, one from Genesee County, they filed suit over a state program to deduct union dues from day care providers as though they were state employees.  For complete details on this case of stealth unionization, click here.

Russ Harding is Director of the Property Rights network, and a senior environmental policy analyst for the Mackinac Center.  They have invited Peter Glaser, an expert on the legal issues surrounding the EPA's new rules regarding carbon emissions to speak in Lansing on Wednesday, January 20th.  For information on this event, call the Mackinac Center at (989) 631-0900.  For more on the EPA's war on energy, click here.

Dan Foley