The Michigan Senate voted today (1/28) to commission a study that would determine the feasibility of implementing toll roads in Michigan.

The bill now moves to the State House for further consideration.

Under the terms of the bill, the Michigan Department of Transportation would be required to hire an outside consulting firm to draw up a possible plan for implementation. The study would consider vehicle count, vehicle types and possible diversion plans. The possibility of discounts for in-state residents and commuters would be considered as well.

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According to WDIV, Republican Mike Shirkey shared his thoughts on Michigan's plan.

"We're still in the mode where I think no options should be eliminated completely,” he said. "[Tolling] might actually work” in some parts of Michigan, but stressed that it is just a study and it is early in the process. He urged the public to not “overreact.”

Information on which Michigan highways are under consideration has not yet been released.

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