Sixteen years ago, April 19, 2000, Larry Loynes brought his Race Talk show to WFNT.  He has been part of the family here ever since, and we are deeply saddened to announce his retirement for medical reasons.

When he brought his lively, local Racing show to our air waves, WFNT was known as “Unforgettable 1470.”  It has been a perfect home for the show, and for the unforgettable Larry Loynes, himself.

In addition to Race Talk, Larry has provided play by play for our broadcasts of Flint Powers High School football and basketball games for the past 15 years, with color commentator Will “The Thrill” McNeal.

He also made the Friday edition of Value Connection my favorite day of the week, because he would sit in for the “guy show” edition of the program, and there was never a Friday we didn't both end up laughing.  Usually we'd have to pause for a time out to “put the wheels back on,” as Larry likes to say.

Larry puts his enormous heart into everything he does, just as he is doing now, as he battles end stage cancer.  Your thoughts, your love, your prayers, and your support are greatly appreciated.  Please visit this link to the gofundme page we have started to help Larry and his family with medical expenses during this difficult time.

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