LA Police shot and killed a homeless man living on the street on Sunday, and the entire incident was caught on camera by people in the area.

The video is graphic in language and nature, and is not suitable for everyone.

The video posted online shows four cops confronting the victim.  The man was apparently living on the sidewalk in downtown LA with sleeping bags and tents.

The police eventually surround the man, who seems to be resisting the arrest when one of the officers can be heard shouting, "Drop the gun! Drop the gun!"

The the shots were fired.

Even though I've seen the video multiple times, it still sends a chill up my spine when it happens.

The camera man yells, "They just shot that man dead!"  More police show up on the scene and they quickly start to clear the crowd and take a woman away that appeared to be with the guy.

There are differing witness accounts of what happened, but one witness did say that the man grabbed one of the officers guns, leading to the shots.

I obviously was not there, but it's incredible to me that a group of 4-6 officers couldn't find a way for this to end without someone ending up dead.  With all of the controversial police violence, and violent retaliations against the police lately, this will just be more fuel to the fire.

The LAPD did post the following messages on their Facebook page.


**This video contains graphic language and images, and is not suitable for all audiences**