Kroger is the nation's largest grocery chain, and they are about to hire 11,000 new workers. Every time I am grocery shopping at Kroger I see signs that they are hiring. Apparently, that isn't just at the Kroger I shop at.

Kroger will hire 2,000 new managers this year nationwide. The other 9,000 available jobs are not management positions. According to NBC25, Kroger employs almost 500,000 workers in 2,800 grocery stores. Each store employs around 170 people.

When I looked at the website for local job openings, there are over 25 within 10 miles of our station in Burton. The Burton Kroger is hiring to fill three positions, Grand Blanc has five open positions, there are seven open positions at the Kroger on Corunna Road, and four in Davison. That doesn't include the openings on Fenton Road, in Swartz Creek, on Richfield Road, or any other area Kroger store.

I clicked on a few of the openings and there was no mention of pay, but any job is better than no job, right? You can apply for any of the open positions on the Kroger website.

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